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Sunday, April 30, 2023
Glenwood Park, Middleburg, VA
Post Time 1:00 P. M.

The Middleburg Hunt hopes that you will join us for a day in the country to enjoy the exciting sport of steeplechase racing at one of the most beautiful race courses in the nation. Glenwood Park is known for offering spectators a spectacular view of the racing action. This year's race card once again includes racing over the timber course, the hurdle course and on the flat.


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If you wish to purchase parking spaces and tickets, please contact Lois Tuohy 540-454-2991


First Race: The Journey's End Bowl: Novice Rider Flat, 1 1/2 miles
Second Race: The Middleburg Hunt Cup: Am/Novice Rider Hurdle, 2 1/8 miles
Third Race: The Samuel E. Bogley Memorial: Maiden Flat, 1 1/4 miles
Fourth Race: The Matthew Leslie Memorial: Maiden Hurdle, 2 1/8 miles
Fifth Race: The Louis Leith Memorial: Restricted Maiden Hurdle, 2 1/8 miles
Sixth Race: The Middleburg Bowl: Open Timber, 3 miles
Seventh Race: The George Straub Memorial: Open Flat, 1 1/4 miles

Contact Information

Program Advertising:
Dorothy Beach
703-850-2864 or abeachy1@yahoo.com

Kassie Kingsley 540-338-4366

Penny Denegre 540-687-6069