Hunting for the 2012-2013 Season

Hounds meet Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Please consult your fixture card or call the kennel tape at 540-687-8411 for meet locations. Those wishing to cap should contact one of the masters for permission to hunt.

Please give every consideration to landowners through whose courtesy and kindness foxunting is made possible.  Avoid livestock.  Do not ride over newly seeded or soft fields.  When not hunting, specific permission must be obtained from landowners for cross-country riding privileges. 

The field must stay together at all times. 

Please make temporary repairs to any damage of jumps, gates or turf, and report such damage to the Masters. 

Hunting license and negative Coggins test required by law. Get your HUNTING LICENSE online!

Hunting by permission of the Masters.

Jeffrey M. Blue, M. F. H. 540-687-5759

Mrs. John B. Denegre, M. F. H. 540-687-6069

Ms. Carey Shefte, Field Secretary

Capping fees should be made payable to Middleburg Hunt and are payable at the meet.

Adult & Young Adult


Juniors 14-21


Children under 14 with adult